UPCOMING Shows

May 22-24- Mercedes Beckman JFYP Sextet

May 16-19-  Arturo O'Farrill Latin Jazz Orchestra in California plus recording of new album

May 12- Arturo O'Farrill Latin Jazz Orchestra in California

May 11- Arturo O'Farrill Latin Jazz Orchestra in California
May 9- Arturo O'Farrill Latin Jazz Orchestra in California
April 27-29- Doug Carn Quintet feat. NEFJA Scholarship Winners Mercedes Beckman and Alex Nguyen, Florida
April 14- Jazz Orchestra in Pennsylvania
April 12- Mercedes Beckman Quintet at Silvana
April 2-6- Guest Artist/Clinician at the Savannah Music Festival
March 29-April 1- DIVA Jazz Orchestra at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola
March 26- Bob Bennett Big Band
March 22-24- JFYP Jazz Orchestra presents the music of Mary Lou Williams at Jazz at Lincoln Center
March 15- Sara McDonald and the Chillharmonic
March 11- Liberte Big Band Recording
March 6- Mercedes Beckman JFYP Sextet
March 5-  CompCord Big Band at the Cutting Room
March 1-2- DIVA Jazz Orchestra Residency in Syracuse
February 25-28- DIVA Residency at Dickenson College
February 21- Hosting the Nest Session with Mat Aronoff, Perry Smith; 9:30-10:30
February 19- DIVA @ Birdland
February 12- Williamsburg Event
February 11- Josh Levinson Septet, Rockwood
February 10- Musical, BK
February 9- MB JALC JFYP Sextet
February 8- MB JALC JFYP Sextet
February 3- Beckman/Weining/Dayhuff at Silvana, 7-8
February 2- Arturo O'Farrill Latin Jazz Orchestra with Dr. Cornel West
January 31, Eddie Allen Aggregation, Zinc Bar
January 26, Graham J at the Laurie Beecham Theatre
January 25, MB JALC JFYP Sextet
January 21- Guest artist with Bruce Harris and the Riverdale Country School, Jazz Standard
January 20- Beckman/Weining/Dayhuff, Legion Bar, 11PM
January 19- Seth Weaver Big Band, Zinc Bar
January 18- MB JALC JFYP Sextet
January 14-  MLK Day Celebration with Marcus Printup
January 13- Rachel Therrien Quintet at the Cell Theatre
January 7- Miki Yamanaka Quartet Tribute to Geri Allen, Smalls Jazz Club
December 19-22- Jazz at Lincoln Center JFYP in Mesa, Arizona
December 18- Recording with Charlie Rosen
December 17- Arturo O'Farrill ALJO at Birdland
December 16- Liberte Big Band Recording Session
December 14- Josh Levinson Septet, Silvana
December 9- Dorian Wallace Large Ensemble at the Cell Theatre
December 7- Eitan Gofman Ensemble Recording at Peter Karl Studios
December 6- Joe Benjamin and a Mighty Handful at Hofbrau
December 6- PJ Rasmussen Big Band at William Paterson University
November 29- Eddie Allen Aggregation at Zinc Bar
November 23- Nadje Noordhuis Quintet at the 55 Bar
November 19- DIVA Horns with Debbie Boon at QPAC
November 19- Noel and Julia at Joe's Pub
November 17- Musical in Clinton Hill
November 16- Hosting the I-House Session with Sam Javitch Quartet
November 14- Musical in Clinton Hill
November 14- MB Jazz for Young People Sextet
November 10- David Smith Quintet at Staten Island University
November 10- Mercedes Beckman, Joanna Sternberg, and Mareike Weining host the Jalopy Session
November 9- Sara McDonald and the Chillharmonic
November 5- NYC Marathon
November 4- DIVA Concert and Clinic at the University of Scranton
November 3- DIVA Concert at Hamilton College
Oct 31-Nov 2-  JFYP Sextet in Mesa, Arizona
October 30- MB JFYP Quintet
October 28- Alexis Babini Band plays the Disney Halloween Ball
October 25- MB JFYP Quintet
October 20- MB JFYP Quintet
October 9-17- Scotland
October 4-7- DIVA Recording and concert at the Deerhead Inn
October 1- Arturo O'Farrill ALJO at Birdland
September 28- I-House Jam, Sam Javitch Quartet
September 28, Mercedes Beckman Quintet, Riverside Church
September 27, Eddie Allen Aggregation, Zinc Bar
September 23- Recording with Jason Robert Brown
September 18- Neal Kirkwood Big Band, Sir D's
September 17- Liberte Big Band, Rockwood
September 15- Seth Weaver Big Band, Zinc Bar
September 10- PJ Rasmussen Boardwalk Big Band
September 9- Joanna Sternberg and the Crimson Ragdolls, Terra Blues
September 8- Sara McDonald and the NYChillharmonic
September 6- Sara McDonald and the NYChillharmonic