(Above, an actress' portrayal of Mary, Queen of Scots in the most recent film made about her)

What is it?

The Women Through the Ages project paints a vivid musical portrait of the never-boring lives of overlooked women in history.  The program takes the listener on a journey through time via music written for jazz quintet (saxophone, voice/narration, piano, bass, and drums) that provokes, soothes, and heals the audience.  The music is sometimes wild and rambunctious, at other times pensive, subtle, subdued, smooth, and introspective.  The written music is combined with historically accurate narration and spontanteous jazz improvisation.  The piece weaves and highlights the common thread that lies between the seemingly disconnected historical figures (although they come from different countries and lived at different times, their plight is similar).  This program is educational in various ways;

-culturally; it explores the jazz and European classical traditions, while being influenced by sounds from the Middle East

-historically, because it is inspired by true stories and extensive research

-and socially, philosophically, and spiritually, because it serves to highlight the inherent connection between all human beings

This program is meant to be enjoyed by men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds

Who is the music written for?

The compositions tell the stories of the lives and personalities of:

Mary, Queen of Scots

Queen Christina of Sweden

Anne and Mary Boleyn

There are also pieces dedicated to the nameless serfs and peasants that were responsible for keeping society running and doing unfairly harsh work for little to no pay

What does the music sound like?

The compositions at times borrow plagal cadences and the unusual root motion of medieval music (going back to Carlo Gesualdo), feature flipped melodic relationships (upside down, where the melody is in the bass part and the soprano accompanies, like in all early music; this is called the cantus firmus), borrow Stravinsky's famous Rite of Spring rhythm, steal pitch material and harmonic sequences from John Coltrane, utilize traditional marching snare patterns, feature Ellington-inspired melodies, open up into a time-no-changes free jazz environment, and have the blues interwoven into the framework of the suite.

Mission Statement:  

The mission of the Women Through the Ages project is to fill a gap in the American education by creating musical portraits of women who have passed on before us in an entertaining and uplifting way.  By delving deeply into the soul and life of people outside of the individual concertgoer and the individual musician, the WTA project hopes to cultivate a sensitivity and empathy for other people near and far, and hopes to and empower people that feel downtrodden and helpless.  The WTA project hopes to become an ambassador between the musicians and the public and to inspire a new generation that can express their inner emotions musically. 

Please get in contact if you would like to be a part of bringing this project to fruition.



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